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Unity has its own set of Shaders which you can use. There are 40 that are included in Unity, as well as additional ability to write your own shaders.

For information on Built-in Shaders, go here:

For most purposes, the included Shaders should be sufficient. The Unity Standard Assets also has some additional Shaders included like Water and Glass. To import these (if you haven't already) go to the Project Panel, Right-click and go to Import Packages. From there, pick and choose whatever you want.


The Unity Standard Assets also includes Shaders for water.

Go here to learn more about Water:

Custom Shaders

  1. If you wish to create a custom shader, go to Assets -> Create -> Shader.
  2. A shader will be created in the Project Panel. Rename it and double click it to open it in Monodevelop.

Note: Shaders are written in a different language, depending on what type of shader is desired.

For more information about writing custom Shaders and Shaders in general, visit:

Note: Render-to-Texture effects like real-time water reflection is available in Unity Pro only.