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Based out of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) of Carnegie Mellon University, The PandaSE project is a software oriented project working in conjunction with the Walt Disney Imagineering company on improving the Panda3D game engine. The team is actively working on developing/improving features of Panda3D's Shader system and Panda3D's exporter tools (exporting from various packages into Panda's egg format). These wiki pages contain the intermediary documentation for the features that are developed by the PandaSE team through the course of the semester. This is to facilitate ready to go documentation which will sit in this wiki until the feature goes live. Until then anyone who wants to use the features that we develop can download the Panda3D source from CVS and use this wiki for related documentation.

Note : All our documentation is available in the official Panda3D manual. This wiki is for supplementary information.

List of Pages :


Advanced Shader Inputs