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One way to transfer assets, especially if it's a scene set up inside Unity, is through the use of Packages. Unity will create a package file which will contain all the assets, scene data and associated meta-data needed to open it in another instance of Unity.

Exporting a Package

  1. Select all the assets you wish to export inside the Project Panel.
  2. Go to Assets -> Export Package.
  3. For convenience sake, make sure the "Include Dependencies" checkbox is checked on.
  4. Browse through the list and confirm that these are all the assets you wish to export.
  5. Hit Export and save the package file in a desired location.

Importing a Package

  1. Go to Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package.
  2. Select the package file.
  3. The contents of the package should show up in the Project Panel.

Important Note: Do all Importing inside of Unity (e.g. don't just double-click the package file). If you don't, Unity will not be able to read the file.