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MaKey MaKey is a very simple DIY input platform. It lets you use alligator clips to attach conductive objects to a circuit board and makes everyday objects into touch sensitive buttons. MaKey MaKey does not require any drivers or wrappers to function. It simulates as if it were a standard USB keyboard/mouse.

What Is MaKeyMaKey?

Quick Explanation on YouTube
MaKey MaKey

Get Inputs

Under official setting, there are 18 input sockets on the MakeyMakey board. They are

  1. 6 keyboard key inputs (W, A, S, D, F, G)
  2. 4 keyboard arrow input in four directions
  3. 1 keyboard Space key
  4. 4 mouse movement input in four directions
  5. 2 mouse Left click input
  6. 1 mouse Right click input

Since the duplicated mouse left click signals, there are totally 17 different input signals you can get from MakeyMakey board.