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Note: For additional resources, visit the following link:\

  1. Layers are a great way to organize your GameObjects. They can be used to trigger visibility in your editor. To create a new layer select the "Layers" drop down menu in the Toolbar. (See Figure 1) File:Layers11.jpg
  2. Then Select "Edit Layers..." (See Figure 2) File:Edit Layers.jpg
  3. This brings you to the Tag Manager. The Tag Manager is where you can assign new Layers. Choose an empty "User Layer" and enter a description. In this case we'd like to create a group for Red Cylinders. (See Figure 3 and Figure 4) File:Red Cylinders Layer.jpgFile:Cylinders.jpg
  4. Select each Red Cylinder and click on its Layer Component (see Figure 5) File:Red Cylinder.jpg
  5. Choose the layer we would like to assign it to--in this case, it would be the new red cylinders layer. (see Figure 6) File:Red Cylinders layer2.jpg
  6. It's now possible to trigger the visible layers in the Toolbar by unchecking the layers we would like hidden. (see Figure 7) File:RedCylinders Off.jpg