Importing and Exporting Models (3D Max)

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Unity's guide to Importing Objects from 3ds max:

Accepted File Formats

  1. Unity accepts the FBX file format. This is the preferred file format in Unity and it is what this tutorial will cover.
  2. Unity will automatically convert 3ds max files into FBX format when imported but this requires Unity to boot up 3ds max to do so.
  3. FBX will not export animated modifiers.

What It Exports

  1. All nodes with position, rotation and scale. Pivot points and Names are also imported.
  2. Meshes with vertex colors, normals and one or two UV sets.
  3. Materials with diffuse texture and color. Multiple materials per mesh.
  4. Animations.
  5. Bone based animations.

How to Export FBX Format

  1. To Export a model from 3ds max click on File and expand the Export section and click on Export. The 3ds max file will automatically export. (See Figure 1) File:File Export.jpg
  2. You will then be presented with the Select File to Export window. Here you can type the name of the file you are creating and set what type of file you'll be exporting. In this case I'm naming my file "Bear" and exporting it in the FBX format. (See Figure 2) File:Exporting Window.jpg
  3. You will then be presented with the FBX Export window. This window contains a variety of options. The default setup should work for all cases. Click OK and your FBX file will be exported. (See Figure 3) File:FBX Import.jpg
  4. Some errors regarding animation constraints may pop up. Ignore these as Unity will not be using these controllers so these errors won't affect anything in Unity. (See Figure 4) File:FBX Errors.jpg

Importing FBX Files into Unity

  1. There are two methods to import files into Unity. One is to right click and select Import Asset and then navigate to the files location and select it. The second method is simply to drag and drop the files from your explorer window. (See Figure 5) File:Drag to Project.jpg
  2. And now our model can be viewed in Unity! (See Figure 6) File:Bear in Unity.jpg