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Installing the software

Unity3D is now pre-installed and pre-licensed on all students' ETC PC's when they arrive at the ETC. The license is for Unity Education, which is the same as Pro (but for education use, of course).

From time to time, updates to Unity3D will be released, and the installer is freely available for download from Unity's website. However, we do not recommend upgrading w/o first discussing with your project team or, in the case of 1st-semester students, as advised by your TA's. Even point release upgrades (i.e. 2018.1.1f1 to 2018.1.2f1) have been known to cause problems if everyone on a team is not using the exact same version.

For minor releases (i.e. 2018.1 to 2018.2) upgrading requires even more consideration, but know that neither point release upgrades nor minor version upgrades require intervention on the part of the ETC's IT team; in other words, we can't stop you, being that you have admin access to your ETC PC. So, please, keep this in mind and be careful.

For major releases (i.e. 2017 to 2018), the site license serial # is required. Therefore, even if discussed with your team and/or approved by TA's, you'll need to contact ETC Support to complete the upgrade.

Downloading the Installer for Upgrading

^ First, make sure you have read the previous section of this page. Upgrading may not be what you want to do ^

The update installer is on Unity3D's site. The download is a lightweight "web installer" that, in turn, downloads the actual installers which can be quite large. As such, most of the actual installers have been cached on Randon at...


Just know that the version on Randon is not a special version. It's the same thing you can download; it's just cached here because of its size.

Using Unity3D with Source Control

Unity's integration with Perforce is now very robust and is supported by the department where approved (by instructors for a course, or by advisors for a project).

Unity does come with a free, but limited, access to Collab, their cloud-based SCM. However, use of this is not pre-approved and is discouraged. Please discuss with your advisors before using this SCM.