Distortion Filters

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Note:This will not cover audio scripting--please refer to the "Sound" section under "Programming".

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Definition: The distortion filter is to an audio source as a distortion pedal is to a guitar--it distorts the signal to give it more grind and gain.

Warning: Be careful with adding distortion to your sounds--adding too much distortion will increase the amount of gain in the signal and can blow out your speakers.

  1. Select the audio source that you wish to place the distortion filter on.
  2. Select Component -> Audio -> Audio Distortion Filter. Take note that the distortion filter also does not appear on the Listener Line Graph, as it can be controlled and triggered via scripting.
  3. The filter only has one parameter: Distortion (surprise!) (between 0.0 - 1.0) - It controls the level of distortion (surprise again!).

Note: This filter is very straightforward and easy to use.