Woodshop Policy

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Cardinal Woodshop Rules

  1. Use the buddy system.
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask for help - even if you’ve already asked for help before.
  3. Do not take tools from the shop without express permission from the Shop TA.
  4. Do not bring food or drink into the shop, paint room, or fab lab. Ever.
  5. Do not wear sandals, slippers, or other open-toe shoes in the woodshop.
  6. Make sure to tie long hair back and take off hats.
  7. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry in the woodshop.
  8. Always use proper safety equipment; goggles, hearing protection, masks, etc.
  9. Always put tools and materials back where you found them.
  10. Always unplug tools after you’re done using them - especially if you’re going to change the bit or blade.
  11. Always clean up messes upon leaving the shop.
  12. Do not do any sort of painting, staining, etc. in the woodshop or in the turnaround.
  13. Ask for approval prior to purchasing new materials/tools (unless you’re paying for it yourself).
  14. Notify the Shop TA when you will be using the woodshop so someone can supervise you.