Why wireless Oculus Rift with Motion Capture

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Oculus Rift Virtual Reality, or OVR, makes VR available to every single consumer.

With OVR and Oculus's latest headphone, players can get highly immersive visual and hearing experience.

However, a huge part for a good VR experience is still missing, which is a proper input way.

Traditionally, game developers use joystick for most games, mainly FPS. With more input devices such as Leap Motion released, developers have more choices.

But there are still a lot of limitations.

  • Players cannot move while playing a VR game.
  • Computer or software only knows the orientation information of the head mounted display(HMD) of OVR, not the position. Oculus DK2 try to solve this problem by adding a camera in front of player, but its tracking area is very limited. As a result, players can only move their head instead of moving around the space. There is rumor saying that the coming Oculus consumer version will solve this problem.
  • Players are scared to move when they wear a HMD and unable to see the real world.
  • VR games still use control device designed for console game, joystick mainly.
  • Such kind of device makes players feel unnatural while they are playing a visually natural VR game. Innovative devices such as Leap Motion offer more possibilities, and players can use their hand to directly control inside games. Nevertheless, the tracking area is still very limited and only two hands can be tracked.

Motion Capture is a system intended to tacking full body movement and motion. So, if it is made to be an interactive input device, it's high suitable for a VR environment. Players can directly feel their movement both in physical space and in virtual space, and use any part of their body to control inside VR, in a relatively large tracking area.

Besides, the system ETC using is Organic Motion, a marker-less motion capture system. A mark-less system means that people need not to wear a suit with many markers to be recognized by the tracking system. This feature is extremely significant for an interactive experience for no one want to prepare for high an hour to play a game.