What you should know before you decide to use the mocap stage

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The following is what we suggested, but not limited to anyone who wants to learn or experience mocap stage.

  • Our mocap stages can only capture one person a time.
  • Our mocap stages will not capture fingers, hand wrists, or facial movement and very minimal neck rotations.
  • The actual range been detected is about at least 20 to 30 percent less than the physical space.
  • Knew how to operate maya or max already.
  • Understanding modeling and rigging is very important.
  • Can do simple hand keying animation. If not, at least knowing the concept of animation.
  • Problem solving. The stage is very new, not that many people experienced this platform. It's very likely you are experiencing problems that no one else has before.

Here are some videos (FRAPs) from Fall 2011 BVW class. This will tell you what you should anticipate and what level of detail the animations from the ETC's mocap stages will give you.