What is Stage Administration?

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The Stage Administration application is the gateway to the Organic Motion Stage. All functionality for maintaining and running the Stage is available in this application.

Organic Motion has a comprehensive documentation here. Organic Motion Stage - Manual.pdf

Wiki pages under this title highlight the most important parts of it.

To open Stage Administration, go to Windows Start --> All Programs --> Organic Motion --> Stage Administration V1.xx.x.xxxx --> Stage Administration

This is what Stage Administration looks like.

Displays the current version of the Organic Motion Stage Administration software.

Contains access to the ‘Advanced’ dialog, provides the ability to update the server software and also to obtain the version of the Stage Administration Software.

Contains the URL textbox and Connect button. In the URL textbox is where the IP address of the Organic Motion Stage Vision Processor should go (ex: You may also put in the name of the Vision Processor which is posted on the back of the machine (ex: SVP030). Connection may take up to five seconds.

The display area contains three tabs; Camera, 3D View, and Core View.

The Control area has many of the controls for setup, configuration and running of Stage™. This is described in depth in section 6.3 - Setup.

The Log section contains status messages about the current versions of all applications (Client, SDK, Vision Processor) as well as status messages for commands sent. If there are errors or problems with connecting the Stage Administration, or any client application the version number can help determine what could be wrong.