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Flash Prep

In order to use assets from flash within html5 certain things need to be done in the flash file itself. Generally you'll only want one animation in the flash file at a time and that flash file should have all the correct art attached. Once this is done just take the fla file into wallaby and convert.

SVG Conversion

Because of the long draw time of SVGs on the iPad, you'll want to convert them into PNGs. The easiest way to do this while maintaining the fidelity of the images is to convert them using Adobe Illustrator. There is a batch process available and there is a default action you can use to convert.

  1. Go to Window->Actions
  2. Open the menu on the window that comes up. (the pulldown is on teh upper right hand corner of the window)
  3. Select Batch (at the very bottom of the list)
  4. Under 'Action' select "Save For Web PNG 24"
  5. Select the folder with all of the SVG assets
  6. Click the 'Include All Subdirectories' if necessary
  7. Choose a destination directory
  8. Click 'OK'

At this point the batch will pull up the first SVG file in the folder you specified. Unfortunately you'll need to click 'Save' twice for each SVG in order for the batch to complete. However this process is by far much faster than doing it manually.

There is a scripting language that comes with illustrator that potentially could be used to speed up this process.

CSS and HTML conversion

Wallaby does a good job of converting the flash animations over to CSS, however there is some work that needs to be done in order to use it for the iPad.