Topics for Spring 2013 Programmer Workshop Series

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There will be a series of workshops offered in Spring 2013 by Bryan Maher and Mike Christel at ETC Pittsburgh. The first will be held Feb. 1. If the discussions are deep enough, there will be material added to the wiki documenting the tip or technique. The discussions may be too shallow and broad to generate good wiki topics. We will see after we get a few finished in the coming weeks....

You, the ETC Unity practitioners, can adjust the priority on what should be discussed. Here's a list to start, and if you really want to hear that issue covered, just increase its vote count by one (one vote per topic person please:-) Popular topics will be covered in future workshops. We will likely cover a number of issues per workshop depending upon the depth of the subject. We will revise the process after this first semester run-through. Feel free to also add recommended reading to Programmer Book Recommendations (often broader than just Unity).

Future Discussion Candidates

Vote count appears on the line above the topic in markup view.
Votes Topic
1 Covering posted gems in more detail, e.g., Common Unity Mistakes
1 Covering posted best practices in more detail, e.g., 50 Tips
2 Design patterns, e.g., singleton
1 Plugins (global scope code/utilities)
2 Extending Unity Editor via Editor Classes and Plugins
3 Serializing / Deserializing classes (e.g. save/load game state) (covered 3/1/2013)
1 GUI issues
1 Read/Write Properties in Classes (covered 2/1/2013)
3 Events and Event Communication
1 Web player scene streaming
1 Calling web services
1 Writing database backed web services (Visual Studio topic)
2 WWW and xml data/configuration files
1 Streaming assets
1 Android builds
2 Code optimization tips
2 Code review practices
1 Ideas for splitting work on multi-programmer teams
1 Code modularity and organization
2 Coroutines or finite state machines for game flow
1 Physics in programming
1 General walkthrough of programmer tips/tricks from ETC Unity wiki
1 A tip/topic from this ETC Unity wiki (add specific page link as new entry to this list)
1 Ruby on Rails (a non-Unity topic)
1 Lambda Expressions

Workshop Materials