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Here is the description of the platform. An overview even, maybe. This will let people know that they have the wrong page, or maybe they're actually at the right page.

Getting Started

Getting started on some platforms is hard. Make sure we include the proper setup files so that students don't have to do all of that tedious work themselves!

Programming Information

Here we'll list all of the quirks and nasty bits to know about programming on this platform, and we might even include some useful scripts or links in this section.

Art (2D & 3D) Information

Art definitely changes from platform to platform, so tips and rules on how to make art for this platform are a must. Maybe it's a particularly weak platform (e.g. HoloLens) so minimizing polys is important, or there's a special quirk to the utility of the platform (e.g. an AR platform using black as its transparency). Listing some samples would be good for the students, too.

Sound Information

Many platforms have their own special influence on the sound of the projects made on them. This is especially so when the platform has its own sound hardware, whether that's speakers or microphones. It may even be good to include some sample sounds that would work well or ones that would be good to avoid here!

Design Guidelines & Tips

Last but not least, the ETC is all about design, so this is one of the best sections! Include special tips and wisdom about designing for this platform, maybe even pointing students toward videos or example projects that can demonstrate what to do or not to do.

Example Projects

List some (downloadable!) example projects here--and make sure you include the software versions! That way, the students don't have to just take your word for it, they can also check what we've written in this wiki against an actual sample.

Previous ETC Projects

List relevant previous ETC projects here. Obviously for things like Unity, we should only list projects directly related to Unity, but for things like Lumberyard, we could probably list every project that has used it.


This section is dedicated to information that's purely used in BVW: online resources that the TAs recommend, FAQs from Piazza, and topics that pop up during the semester that we don't want to keep repeating ourselves about.