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Below is the list of TAs contact for BVW 2018.

Please be respectful of TA's project time. If you have questions, posting on Piazza will guarantee the fastest response from TAs.

Head TAs

Name: Tera Nguyen

Specialty: BVW Production & Emotional Support

Skills: Scrum, Maya, Unity, Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, Figma, Invision

Contact: thnguyen@andrew.cmu.edu

Project Room: 3410

Name: Bryan Kim

Specialty: BVW Production & Emotional Support

Skills: Teamwork, Maya, Unity, Adobe Creative Cloud

Contact: bryank1@andrew.cmu.edu

Project Room: 3418

Name: Caleb Biasco

Specialty: All things tech

Skills: Unity

Contact: cbiasco@andrew.cmu.edu

Project Room: 2416

Art TAs

Name: Ketul Majmudar

Specialty: Game design, 3D Art pipelines

Skills: Everything Maya, Unity, Unreal, ZBrush, Level Design

Contact: kmajmuda@andrew.cmu.edu

Project Room: 3404

Name: Sahar Kausar

Specialty: Technical Art (Rigging, Pipeline), Design

Skills: Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Houdini (Environment VFX), SolidWorks, Unreal (Blueprinting scripting), Unity, Adobe Creative Cloud, Traditional Art, Fabrication

Contact: skausar@andrew.cmu.edu

Project Room: 3204

Name: Howard Won

Specialty: Game Design, Level Design, Environment Art

Skills: Maya, Unity, Unreal, Adobe Creative Cloud, Traditional & Digital Fabrication

Contact: hwon@andrew.cmu.edu

Project Room: 3422

Programming TAs

Sound TAs

Shop TA

Name: Omar Cheikh-Ali

Specialty: Game Design, prop construction, production/teamwork

Skills: Maya, Unity, Adobe Creative Cloud

Contact: osc@andrew.cmu.edu

Project Room: 3404

Festival TAs

Name: Ridima Ramesh (in charge of paint room)

Specialty: Game Design, Basic 3D Art

Skills: Unity, Maya, Traditional Art, Adobe CC (Photoshop, InDesign)

Contact: ridimar@andrew.cmu.edu

Project Room: 3418

Name: Axel Arth (in charge of props room & CAVE)

Specialty: Production, Narrative writing, Sound design

Skills: Live foley/radio work, staging, narrative

Contact: aarth@andrew.cmu.edu

Project Room: 3410