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Welcome to the ETC Pandamonium Storyteller Wiki


Started out as the Panda LE project developed at the Entertainemnt Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. The goal of the project is to build a comprehensive Level Editor for the Panda 3D engine. This level editor is based on the basic level editor developed by Gyedo Jeon at Disney for internal purposes. We will be extending the functionality of Gyedo's level editor to make it more suitable for a larger audience. Our specific target user groups are the BVW Class, NHSGA, and the ETC at large.

Pandamonium then became a project that was to take the previous Panda LE project and evolve it to a storytelling toolset. The changes to Panda LE are significantly made to make the editor more interactive with new features, while retaining the base editor's functions and feel. While it is still a useful editor for the Panda3D environment as a whole its primary audience is the NHSGA.


This wiki is intended to act as the authoritative guide to using the ETC Pandamonium Storyteller. The purpose of the Storyteller is to allow you to develope 3D virtual environement where the player can move through the space interacting with objects as they follow a definded quest. <<== NEEDS WORK


Installation instruction goes here... Check back soon :)