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Bridge Troubleshooting

The bridge can display some odd behavior at times. None of which are very serious, but do require some interaction to remedy. The following are issues I’ve encountered as of this writting, and how to fix them.

1. TV on bridge 3 is off

This can happen due to the TV in this station being a different model than the other 5. This TV can remember its last power state, and if it was still on when power was cut, when power is restored, it will just turn back on regardless if you told it to or not. This problem occurs due to the way the bridge gets shut down at night. The way the bridge shuts down at night is that a script for shutting down the TVs/projectors runs every night that also cuts power to the outlets that the TV/projectors are plugged into (this is the only way for us to shut the projectors off). So what happens is that bridges 2 and 5 issue the IR signal to turn the TVs off, then the outlets have power cut to them to turn the projectors off. In the morning, power gets restored, and then bridges 2 and 5 send the IR code to the TVs to turn on. What can happen is that for whatever reason, either the IR signal doesn’t get sent, or bridge 3’s TV doesn’t get it. So bridge 3 is still on when power gets cut to the outlets. Then in the morning, power comes back, and the IR signal is sent, but since the TV on 3 was on when power was cut initially, this signal now turns the TV off while it turns the other TVs on, and thus that’s why you’ll see bridge 1 and 2 on, and 3 off.
The solution to this problem is to open the stainless on bridge 3 and flip the switch to the power outlet. Then go into the brainroom and issue the IR code to shut down the left half of the TVs. Then go back outside and flip the power switch to bridge 3, go back into the brainroom and issue the IR code to turn the TVs back on,

2. TVs on bridge 4, 5, and 6 are all off

This can happen for two reasons:
A. The industrial USB hub needs to be restarted (you can tell this by only 1 of the lights being on)
B. The scheduled task on bridge 5 to issue the IR signal to the TVs didn’t run
The solution to this problem is in the case of A, to unplug the uplink USB B cable and plug it back in, then go into the brainroom and click the button to turn the right half of the TVs on. Or in the case of B, go into the brainroom and click the button to turn the right half of the TVs on.

3. One of the viewport windows (usually on 5) is not full screen

Not sure why this happens, and it is pretty rare too, only happening once every few months. But for whatever reason, when viewport opens, it will be windowed and not maximized.
The solution to this problem is to open up the small stainless panel and get the mouse for the corresponding station, and then click the button to maximize the window

4. All TVs are off, no content is running

This one is very rare, but sometimes either the brainbox won’t perform it’s daily reboot, or it will, but doesn’t automatically log in. When either happens, the startup script to start all the content and turn the TVs on won’t run.
The solution is to click the bat file on the desktop to start the bridge manager. This will bring up all the windows that run the bridge as well as start content. All you then have to do is click the buttons to turn the TVs on the left and right hand sides.