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The internal LAN is configured for an RFC1918 network with one Class C block of IP's (the typical home router allocation)...

The router itself, which acts as the Gateway, Bridge, DHCP sever, and Local DNS server is...

...again, the typical/default setting.

Everything else on the LAN is set up with a static DHCP reservation...

Routing and IP distribution

Machine SB LAN Hostname ETC/WAN Hostname ( SB LAN IP ETC/WAN IP
Router spacebridge spacebridge
BrainBox brainbox etc-spacebridge-brainbox
Bridge1 bridge1 etc-spacebridge-1
Bridge2 bridge2 etc-spacebridge-2
Bridge3 bridge3 etc-spacebridge-3
Bridge4 bridge4 etc-spacebridge-4
Bridge5 bridge5 etc-spacebridge-5
Bridge6 bridge6 etc-spacebridge-6
Old BrainBox oldbrainbox etc-spacebridge-brainbox-old
Laptop laptop

As you can see in the last column, each of the above clients (except the laptop) have a IP address on PTC subnet, via StaticNAT. This is set statically in the Router's config, but each one has an entry in NetReg for the sole purpose of reserving the IP they each will statically be assigned by the Router.