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Scene List

Giving users the capability of creating scenes allow efficient construction of environments. Doing so should help users focus on how to design the environment to assist their story. Multiple scenes gives the sense of traveling. Users can break up their entire world design and create more smaller, more detailed areas. However, it can only be seen to its absolute potential with the use of the ChangeScene script, which is one of the default scripts.


Scene List Process

By default, whenever the Storyteller is started, users will always start placing assets inside scene "default_0", which should also be marked with red text.

The following should help get users started and working within multiple scenes, and linking them.

1. The first scene is always "default_0" in red text. This is by default when opening Storyteller. To create additional scenes, go to Scene list, then right click on any scene name and "Add New Scene".
2. Scenes that has red text means that is the starting scene, the first scene to load in-game. To make a scene the starting scene, right click on a desire scene and "Make It Starting Scene"

NOTE: For the world to run properly, users must have the main character in the starting scene.

3. To switchover to other scenes, right click on a scene then "Activate".

NOTE: A dialogue box will appear, notifying users to save before proceeding. Though, it is optional, it's highly recommended to save before switching scenes. Also, activating an already activated scene without the project being saved prior will completely erase that scene. There are no UNDOs. Users have been warned!

4. To rename a scene, right click on a scene and "Rename".

NOTE: The Scenes List organizes scenes in alphabetical order. Have a naming convention to help keep organized when renaming scenes as it may jump up or down on the list. Additionally, if users chooses to create an interior scene, scenes can be named with the "interior_" prefix to change the background color of Storyteller and disable the sky for that scene. Also, renameing the scene only effects the Storyteller. The physical file is still named it's default_# name that it was given when it was created.

5. To remove a scene, right click on a scene and "Remove...".

NOTE: A dialogue box will as users to confirm the action. It is because there are no UNDOs. Users have been warned, yet again!