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Meet the Robinsons. They're a family of four; mom, dad, Jacob and Stacy. They are Academy members.

  1. The Robinsons arrive at the Academy. The Robinsons as Academy members have their unique member cards, which have been previously linked to the access technology.<br\>Modules: Access Technology
  2. Little Jacob has previously created a Virtual Character that resembles him, in a Academy uniform. This character is "linked" to the Dad's member's card, in the kiosk.<br\>Modules: Academy Onsite VC, Access Technology
    1. Stacy wants to check out the newest show at the planetarium, so the Robinsons reserve their ticket. Their reservation is linked to their member card.<br\>Modules: Ticket Management, Academy Onsite VC, Access Technology
  3. Jacob runs off to see the penguins. The Academy staff starts an activity by scanning dad's card.<br\>Modules: Access Technology, Exhibit Interaction
    1. Jacob completes the activity. The staff uses a mobile device to give him an Achievement.<br\>Modules: Access Technology, Academy Onsite VC
  4. The Robinsons engage in a game in Altered Exhibit. The game challenges them to micro-manage a person's life, by making every-day decisions and seeing how "green" their decisions were.<br\>Modules: Exhibit Interaction
  5. The Robinsons attend the planetarium. The staff there scans their ticket and confirms their reservation.
  6. The Robinsons leave the Academy.
  7. At home, Stacy logs into the Academy's website. She visits her personalized homepage where she discovers that her Friend Rachel, has a new Achievment for making a pledge at the Altered State Exhibit. Her Achievement tally is now lower than her friend!!!