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Check the spreadsheet

If you want to find a prop or costume piece, please check the catalog first.
The spreadsheet is divided into tabs covering broad categories. Inside of each of those tabs, you’ll find a breakdown of individual items.

How to check out the props

2018 BVW

This is the email format for 2019 BVW

  • Email to:
  • Subject line: "[Your Name] BVW Props" in the subject line
  • Body: the props you want to check out.

Getting a hold of your props

To being the year the year, props will be pulled by TA’s, and delivered to students. This means that props requests will be answered once a day at 5:00PM, Any request made after 5:00PM will be delivered the next day. All deliveries will be taken to the Bullpen at 5:30PM. Props will only be available for delivery on weekdays.
After round two, this policy will be reevaluated. If the rules of the Prop Room have been followed well, then students will be allowed to pull their own props, after they have been approved by the Props TA.

Return you props as soon as the round is done

Props may be checked out for a full two week BVW round. After the final presentation, props must be returned as soon as possible. Reply to the same email you sent ask to check out props to arrange a time to return them. No team that has members who have props checked out from the last round is allowed to check out new props.