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== Defensive Spells ==

Force Shield - prevent damage for a time. Lasts for five seconds and has a 10 second cool down.

Heal Spell - Currently heals 6.66% of the main character's max hp. The cool down is 30 seconds.

Shockwave - Stops all attacking enemies for a time. Lasts for seven seconds and has a 20 second cool down.

== Offensive Spells ==


== Item Uses ==

Items in the library currently have defined abilities. Custom items and/or abilities can be developed.

Hemearyn mushroom (red) - Heal Ability - Designer defines how much on use.

Damearyn mushroom (purple) - Extra Damage Ability - Not implemented yet.

Imearyn mushroom (blue) - Invincibility Ability - Negates all damage for a designer defined amount of time. Note: Use wisely as this effect can stack its time. There currently is no max threshold on the timer.

Famearyn mushroom (yellow) - Speed Ability - Not implemented yet.

Fruit - Collectable only and offers no special ability at this time.