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The nature of projectors is that colors will change from how they appear on a computer vs how they look when projected. With this in mind, now also add in the ambient light from the adjoining halls, that will dull out the colors/brightness of the projectors. Then add in the mix bag of colored leds bouncing off of the metal surfaces and in the entire space.

The changes in the color led lights changes what colors appear in the projections.

The following images should be used to best plan color and ui choices.

Color Distortion

Test2.jpg Test5.jpg


In the pictures above are different sets of color wheels. By looking at these you can see by comparing the colors presented on the laptop on the right, to the projection on the bridge, to the left. Blues are the closest to their actual color. Reds are lost entirely. Yellows and some greens and oranges come across, but more often than not, need to be adjusted.

Greys in general work well, but will easily fall into the background.


In the picture above you can see some different graphics that were being tested at the time. And see the way the colors are being washed out.


In the picture above you can see that even one of our more expectant colors has been dulled. But also note that on the laptop there are also semi-transparent details, which are being completely lost.

You may also notice that this white area isn't as blue as the other pictures above, the light scheme in this picture is more on the white side. Here is an example of how it colors change under different lights. Even the best color choice of blue is incredibly dulled by the surrounding lights.

Current Status

  • Until new projectors are put in, the above is the current color scheme available in the bridge projectors.