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One of the most important requirements for any ETC project team is to write a thorough postmortem that chronicles the team's process to reach their goal, and what they learned about each aspect of their work through both falures and successes.

This is especially crucial for animation teams, as having access to the previous teams' wisdom helps newcomers to the animation pipeline understand some of the common pitfalls and what strategies were most effective.

Below is a compilation of ETC Animation Studio project postmortems, accompanied by descriptions of the teams and their respective focuses. If the teams worked before the ETC required postmortems as part of the process, then links to their blogs are provided instead:


Developed in Fall 2014. The first ETC animation studio, this team focused on Modeling and Texturing, as well as Motion Capture.


"Shattered", developed in Spring 2015. The team's project, Shattered, focused their tech innovations on Sun and Fire FX, 2D style in 3D, and Cloth Simulation.

Para Productions

"Race 2420", developed in Fall 2015. The team focused on areas such as fluid materials, non-biped rigs, and expressions in non-human characters.


"Lovers Meet," developed in Spring 2016. A short that transitions from live-action to animation and tackled the challenges of both. Specialized in Motion Capture.


"Sea of Stories", developed in Fall 2016. The first ETC animation team to create an animation entirely in VR.


"Melody of Life", developed in Spring 2017. A 360 short that took advantage of Motion Capture (Dance), and Spatial Sound.

Lyra Studio

"Hoshi!", developed in Fall 2017. Done with projection mapping (a mix of Spatial AR and physical objects).

Studio Duat

"Your Final Journey", developed in Spring 2018. A VR/CAVE hybrid piece with varied environments.


"Rhythm", developed in Fall 2020. A short musical animated film rendered using Unreal Engine 4, adapting the Chinese legend "High Mountain, Flowing Water".