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Adding Movies

Scroll down almost half way, until you see the greyed out "##WELCOME MOVIES ====>"

Look for:


If this this set to false, then set it to true. This determines whether or not to play the welcomes.

Now look for #dict of welcome movies to play -...

WELCOMES = [{"movie" : "welcome_GuestName_March1_#.avi", "delay" : 0, "loop" : 0, "layer" : "FG"}]

You only need to change the purple text that reads "welcome_GuestName..."

Change it to the name of the movie you have, except for the Bridge2 or Bridge5 part. That Bridge# is covered with the _# at the end.

So for example if the movie name is welcome_EA_July8_Bridge2.avi then you would change the text to read welcome_EA_July8_#.avi

The pound sign stays as a pound sign.

If there are multiple welcomes, then copy and paste this line for however many welcomes there are to be displayed. And make sure to change the content. (?? what all else is needed for multiple?)


But we're not done yet.

On the Brainbox, you need to look for the little grey window called "Panda" (??what is it really now?) It has buttons that say "OpenBD" "CloseBD" etc.

You need to click on Close VP. This closes the Viewports on all of the Stations. But since the stations are automated, they will see that Viewport is closed and re-open it. Once you see the machines start reading that it's open, click on the "Restart" Button on the Brainbox.

This should then have the welcome running on both Stations 2 and 5.