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Concept Target Venue Description
Interactive Group Stations Planetarium Line Since the planetarium line is static, stations with interactive controls could be set up around the line. Using an array of buttons and other fidgets, a short story/game could be played in line.
Science of Optics Planetarium Line Optics and the equipment used in the planetarium content that could be provided to guests in line for the show.
Mobile Robot Planetarium Line A puppeteered robot would move around the planetarium line, conversing with guests with social games and trivia related to the content in the current show.
Trivia for Prize? Planetarium Line (Nadia)
RFID Tickets Planetarium Line If the tickets to the planetarium show had RFID tags embedded in them, the RFID tags could be used at a group station (see above) and add another level of interactions (more personal as well due unique tags in RFIDs). Actions such as group voting become possible with RFID distribution
The Green Supermarket Altered State Scan items and give carbon footprint
Learn to separate trash Altered State A game that teaches the basics of trash separation and what are the options available.
Interactive Menu Altered State Make your ideal menu that is green and easy
The Green Supermarket Altered State Scan items and give carbon footprint
Multi-station game Altered State Multi station game about working on three levels: Local, Regional and Global.
Green Choices dependent game Altered State (Nadia)
Oral Storytelling Africa Hall Have a theatrical performance within the Africa Hall, where an actor narrates a story using the dioramas, and content within the hall as a setting for the adventure.
Find an Animal Africa Hall (Nadia)
Solve a Mystery Africa Hall Create a mystery story for the Africa Hall and use the dioramas and content to be clues that will help solve the mystery. On-site and online portions of the mystery are possible.
"Build your own Academy" Online Games Explain the choices made into the Academy's new building.
Quantify your Carbon Footprint Online Games Follow ups online for improvement
Avatar that prepares for journey into the rainforest Rainforest Line (Nadia)
Teach about rainforest products. Rainforest Line There would be a large number of products that have materials or substances that originated from the rainforest placed along the entrance line. The idea is show to guests how valuable the rainforest by overwhelming them with the quantity of products relying on rainforest resources.
Sliding LCD Screens Rainforest Line As get enter rainforest line they are assigned an LCD screen which slides along a railing next to the line. The LCD displays a virtual boat that travels down the “river” and there are checkpoints along with line which can trigger guest access to different content.
"Sushi Boat" River. Rainforest Line Similar to the LCD boats, but instead there are physical boat in a trough aside the line.
Fun facts of the Forest Rainforest Line Have stations that display curious facts related to the animals.
Siftables/Cubes interactions Rainforest Use these devices to create new and meaningfull gameplay experiences in the Rainforest line
Explorer in the Jungle Rainforest Game in which you learn about the rainforest and the animals that inhabit it
Rotative TouchScreen that displays content Planetarium Nadia
Ecofriendly Simcity Altered State City-building simulation game that focuses on green practices.
Species in Galapagos Islands of Evolutions Life simulation game that focuses on species dynamics in the galapagos.
Megaphone All Use cellphone to control an exhibit/activity.
Missions at the Academy all Have objectives displayed at the Academy website that visitors can print and follow. Can grant achievements for successful completion.
Storybook Africa Hall Interactive storybook that changes according to user input
Califonia Fishing Altered State Game that teaches about what catch to keep or release.
Port games to Academy Online Online Games Port favorite games to Academy website to attract visits.
A day in the life of... Online Game Game that teaches about daily activities of several species featured at the Academy
Food Chain Game Africa Hall A Game about food chains and how do climate change affect their dynamics
Point and Click puzzle adventure game (Dunno) Nadia
Save animal Altered State Interactive game to save a certain animal.
Create a version of "X" species in evolution Islands of Evolution Learn about evolution in this game.
Polar Bear Colony Altered State Save a polar bear colony
River Journey Rainforest Follow a river journey, solving puzzles and learning about rainforest's rivers.
Clues All Find clues inside the academy, explore content with rewards
How to prepare for a visit into the rainforest Rainforest Learn about how people prepare for going into rainforests.
Rainforest elevator Rainforest Using elevator more actively to enhance leaving rainforest
Race to planet "X" Planetarium Race between visitor groups representing space agencies. Activity happens in queue for the planetarium shows.