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Replayability and Retention

Definition: Players progress through multiple layers of game mechanics - compulsive, strategic and metagame.

  • You want to complete epic journeys protecting refugees and aid across the lands. ( Implemented )
  • You want to play new maps to transport items back to your hero in DA:L.
  • You want to continue doing tasks in DvH to improve your DA:L experience.
  • You want to replay certain journeys to earn higher prestige points from them and to try out new strategies, consumables, and mercenaries.
  • On failing a journey, you want to try the level again with new strategies, consumables, and mercenaries.
  • You want to see how the upgrades in DA:L affect DvH. ( Implemented )
  • You want to play new maps and fight against new enemies.
  • You want to fully upgrade your caravan party and access all unlockables.
  • You want to complete all achievements by testing the limits of your skills.
  • You want to feel as if your accomplishments in game show progression and are building towards new opportunities.

Meaningful Social Interaction

Definition: Player decisions, friends and payments impact game progress in ways that accelerate and amplify the fun.

  • You want to use your awesome friend powers, as they will change the tide of battle. (Implemented)
  • If you lost a friend in battle in DA:L, you want to make amends by rescuing him and bring him back to his castle.
  • You want your friends to play certain classes and use certain skill trees in DA:L to benefit you in DvH. (Implemented)
  • If more FB friends play DvH, they form a bigger trade caravan union. The more the friends more the discounts in getting unlockables.
  • The more friends you have who have both DvH and DA:L presences, the larger the Warden Alliance. More discounts when hiring Mercenaries in battle.


Definition: Sharing is a necessity of the gameplay, not an afterthought

  • When you start playing DvH, it posts on FB. (Implemented)
  • When you rescue your friend, you post your attempt to make amends.
  • On levels when you pull off a win, where you were close to losing, you notify a close shave with image of screen. (Researched)
  • If you wish to earn rank bonuses, you must recruit new friends.
  • If you have best times in your battles among friends, you post as Ultimate Defender.
  • When you finish the DvH tutorial, you will have cosmetic items and auras in DA:L to show off to your friends.
  • If you have least gold spend to finish level, you post as Ultimate Survivalist.
  • When you create a DvH account, notify about you supporting the War Effort in DA:L.
  • You want to brag via feedform when you overtake a friends gamerscore through earning achievements.


Definition: Payment beats are "boss fights", designed, balanced and tested as a core gameplay feature ou must buy premium consumables and NPCs you would not be able to get otherwise.

  • You can buy consumables and NPCs that are unlockable through points, but that would take far much more time to get otherwise.
  • You must buy buffs if you wish to have temporary bonuses.
  • You must buy premium castles and hero rooms in DA:L if you want bonuses not only in DA:L but in DvH as well.
  • You must buy premium Death Blows if you want the most over-the-top animations that will help you stand out among your friends.
  • You must rent NPC Heroes if you want to have the advantage of many powerful friend powers without friends. (Implemented)
  • You must buy upgrades to your castle to more easily fend off the darkspawn.
  • You must buy a consumable if you want to return all points spent on NPCs and talent points.
  • You can buy consumables and revive potions to bring your fallen friends back in the heat of battle.
  • You can buy necessary items at the time of need to ensure victory. (Implemented)
  • You want to buy perks that give you bonuses to xp for 24 hours, or reduce cool down for a weekend, so that you can overtake your friends on your social leader board.
  • You want to sign in every Friday to check out the weekly NPC for sale.
  • You want to sign in every Wednesday to check out the new items for sale in the shop and purchase limited release items.