OrganicMotion Troubleshooting

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There are several possible reasons causing wireless Oculus not working, and they are listed from high to low possibility below:

  • Oculus display setting.
  • Set Oculus display mode in Oculus configuration utility to Extend mode and set screen display mode in right click on desktop -> screen resolution to Duplicate mode. This a safe way that guarantee wireless Oculus works. Other setting may also works with no guarantee.
  • Wireless USB is broken. Follow steps below. Sign of wireless USB working correctly is the flashing light of both transmitter and receiver.
  • Unplug both transmitter and receiver and plug both of them in PC. In external drive icon on right bottom of the screen, two wireless USB should be recognized.
  • Unplug the receiver and plug it back to receiver base.
  • Unplug the USB data wire on receiver base and plug back.
  • If the above steps do not work, restart the computer and try them again.
  • If restarting computer do not work, re-install wireless USB driver and try the above steps again.
  • If wireless USB still do not work, contact ETC Support at
  • Wireless HDMI is broken. Sign of wireless HDMI working is that blue lights of video and network are both on on transmitter and receiver.
  • This is rare and happened only once during 2015 spring semester. It may caused by other reason instead of wireless HDMI itself.
  • Check all the wire connection, make them tight. Unplug, re plug all the port.
  • If wireless HDMI still do not work, contact ETC Support at
  • Other reasons.
  • The power port on wireless USB receiver base is very loose and wire can easily fall off.
  • Other wire connections fall off.
  • At least one Oculus in ETC is broken and has a problem seem to be caused by broken wireless HDMI connection. Please note that and it's not caused by wireless setting.