Optimal Performance Settings

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Use the settings below for optimal performance on the Daydream. You can tweak a few values if you need to for your specific needs, but in general, this is a good start.

Quality Settings

Pixel Light Count1Maximum number of pixel lights when forward rendering is used in Main Camera.
Antialiasing4x/2x Multisampling
ShadowsDisabledShadows cannot be handled by mobile devices.
VSyncDon’t SyncVSync is refreshing frames when display is not updating to avoid issuing a new frame when an old frame is still being rendered. Reduces performance on mobile devices.

Player Settings

Resolution and Presentation

32-bit Display BufferDisabledTo avoid colour banding. Might vary.

Other Settings

Color SpaceGammaLinear was not supported by Pixel 2.
Auto Graphics APIEnabledAuto selects graphics.
Multithreaded RenderingEnabledMoves graphics API calls from main thread to another thread.
Static BatchingEnabledStatic batching allows the engine to reduce draw calls for geometry of any size provided it shares the same material, and does not move. It is often more efficient than dynamic batching (it does not transform vertices on the CPU), but it uses more memory.
Dynamic BatchingEnabledUnity can automatically batch moving GameObjects into the same draw call if they share the same Material and fulfill other criteria. Dynamic batching is done automatically and does not require any additional effort on your side.
GPU SkinningDisabled
Graphics JobsEnabled

XR Settings - Daydream

Depth Format24-bit depth (highest)Prevents zig-zag edges by avoiding z-fighting.
Sustained PerformanceEnabledPrevents phone from heating up. Preserves battery life for longer experiences with reduced performance.

Miscellaneous Settings (Window -> Lighting -> Setting)

Realtime Global IlluminationDisabledRealtime lighting reduces performance on mobile devices. Requires too many calculations to be performed.
Baked GIEnabledBake Lighting for static objects.

Main Camera

Clipping PlanesSmaller ratio of near and far
Rendering PathForwardDeferred allows multiple lights in the scene but looks bad. Deferred renders the scene first and then lighting is applied to it. Deferred rendering does not support semi-transparent objects and has lack of anti-aliasing. Deferred is expensive on mobile devices.
Allow MSAAEnabledSupport Anti-Aliasing.

In Script Settings
In script, set Application.targetFrameRate = 60
Set QualitySettings.vSyncCount = 0 in script, setting it via GUI isn’t reliable
Camera: If CPU limited try switching camera sorting to NoDistanceSort