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Open CV is a frame work that is needed for the Touch Manager

The install file, OpenCV-2.1.0-win32-vs2008.exe, is located in \\randon1\etc\projects\internal\spacebridge\bridge-sync$\Installs

Copy it to the root dir of the Bridge# folder in \\randon1\etc\projects\internal\spacebridge\bridge-sync$

Go to that bridge machine and run the BridgeSync script, it lives on the desktop. This will copy the file down from randon1 to the machine.

Run the install exe. When it asks about setting the Path variable choose the radio button for "update the path for all users".

When complete, move the dlls to the Panda site packages folder so that panda can find them. Grab files cv.lib, and cv.pyd from the folder C:\OpenCV2.1\Python2.6\Lib\site-packages and move them to C:\Panda3D-1.7.1\python\Lib\site-packages

Then check the environmental path variable to ensure that the OpenCV folder is in the path variable correctly. From the start panel, search for "path". Choose "Edit the system environment variables" option from the search results. This opens the System Properties window. Click on the Environment Variables button to open the Environment Variables window. In the bottom of the window scroll down until you find "Path" in the list of System Variables. Select it and click on the Edit button. Make sure that C:\OpenCV2.1\bin is in the path string. (NOTE: Not C:\Bridge\OpenCV2.1\bin )