Offer achievements to those who engagement with the system

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Key Questions

  • How do VC-dependent exhibits handle achievements for users who don't have a VC ?
  • Do you inform the guest which Achievements are obtainable in the current exhibit?

Future Research / Relevant Data

  • Achievements as device for quantify effort.
    • Game manufacturers use it to quantify effort. Two of the three console vendors use this system; In both cases each achievement is worth an internal value, that often reflects the effort put into obtaining it.
  • Playing for achievements is a meta-game, because they hit many different player types. [1]
  • Game Design considerations on Achievements
    • Achievements promote unique or different gameplay or styles of play, rather than reward visitors for things they would normally do.


  1. Richard Bartle: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades: Players who suit muds.