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Note: "Documentation" sections are articles that tell of the problems, solutions, and methods behind implementing a piece of hardware into Unity.

Development Status

Integration Difficulty: DLL samples were available. Easy importing of DLL info.

Integration Completeness: Has all features one would need. Comes with nice demo to display features.

End-product Ease-of-use: Need a stable concept of coding to handle wiimotes.


  1. Searched online for Wiimote implementation in Unity
  2. Found Uni-wii implementation and DLL
  3. Tested importing of DLL into Unity.
  4. Handed DLL off for implementation


For more info on implementation, visit

  1. Put the UniWii.dll in your Plugins folder under the Assets folder.
  2. Put wiiMote.cs in your scripts folder and make a new object in your class when you need to reference all the wiimote functions.

Connecting Wiimotes

  1. Start a new Blue tooth connection
  2. Hold down button 1 & 2 on the wiimote before hitting next
  3. Wait for it to register while still holding both buttons.
  4. Release when you have connected.

Building Your Project

  1. Click on Add Current, and your current scene will be added on top in Scene’s In Build
  2. Under Build Settings, Click on Player Settings, and it will open in the Inspector
  3. Under Optimization – Api Compatibility Level
  4. Change to .Net 2.0.

Sample Code

Below are two demos for using Wiimotes. The Tutorial Demo shows all the inputs of the Wiimote, whereas the Showcase Demo shows an example of how to use it.

Tutorial Demo

Showcase Demo

Youtube Videos:
Wii Mote Simple Demo
Wii Mote Show Demo

Vimeo Videos:
Wii Mote Simple Demo
Wii Mote Show Demo