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This part of the game caters to game or level progression. Presently we are looking to design 3 aspects that we feel are important to progression. First the player should be able to choose which battle he wants to play, also allowing level re-playability to unlock achievements. Second the player must be able to upgrade certain skills and resources that we can bring into the battle. Finally the player should have some basic information avilable to him about the upcoming battle and using that make changes to his battle preparation.

Map Screen

This screen allows the user to see all available battles that either have already or have not yet been completed. When the user enters this screen, the next available battle will be flashing, and the previously completed ones will be available. When a battle is clicked on, a window will pop up showing the completed achievements and what is left. The user can then x to close the window or click "Onward!", and in that case, the recon screen will pop up for that battle.

Recon Screen

This screen will pop-up on top of the map screen with information pertaining to the battle. It will display a few things: your current bomb selection, your current friend selection, the enemies you might face in this battle, and a more detailed description of the achievements for this level.

With the consumable selection, you will be able to see the currently chosen consumables and to click on the ‘change’ button. When you click this, a window will pop up where you will be able to choose your consumables. This window will have all the types of consumables on top and the consumable tray on bottom. You will be able to drag consumables from up top into the slots below. If the consumable amount is 0, it will be greyed out with its crown cost indicated. If the player clicks on this, they will be prompted to purchase it and must okay it. Any locked slots on the consumable tray will have this as well, and if they are clicked, you will be prompted to spend crowns to unlock it.

With the friend selection, it will open a pop-up window similar to the consumable window. Here, the player will choose two friends to drag down into their bar. Friends will display their level and class, and if their cooldown is not finished, they will show it and be unable to be moved. The premium mercenary will also be in this window, and if selected by the player, they will be prompted to unlock him for crowns.

The enemy recon information will be on the basic recon screen without any popup information. There will be images of three of the enemies which you will face during the battle, and when you click on one, the text area will switch to a very short description of them and/or what they do.

The achievement information will be similar to this except instead of clicking the enemy’s picture, the player will click the badge to change the text description.