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Mantra is Houdini's standard renderer and features volume rendering. It is integrated well with Houdini and work as Houdini's default renderer. A valid license is required to remove the watermark in the rendered result. Contact ETC Tech Staff if you want to get an educational license.

Principal Shader

Mantra's principal shader is a good starting point to get started with its material system. It is a basic template for its physically based shading and can be easily ported from other PBR process.

Check here for more details of this shader.

Matte Shading

Matte shading is a technique to mask the area of specific objects on the screen space to help with compositing process. Mantra supports matte shading by the following ways:

  • Matte Shader and VOP nodes
  • Matte shading in Render panel of each object
  • Forced Matte in Render Node settings

Using Mantra on Renderfarm

Mantra is well supported on ETC's Renderfarm and can be executed using the "Houdini Hython" script. However, since part of the Houdini system only supports slash (/) characters instead of backslash (\) characters. You need to set the path correctly on Renderfarm to avoid path issues.

Each Mantra instance on Renderfarm requires a separate license to run. If you encounter with licensing problems, try close your Houdini instance on your PCs to provide more licenses to Renderfarm nodes.