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MaKey MaKey is a very simple DIY input platform. It lets you use alligator clips to attach conductive objects to a circuit board and makes everyday objects into touch sensitive buttons. MaKey MaKey does not require any drivers or wrappers to function. It simulates as if it were a standard USB keyboard/mouse.

What Is MaKeyMaKey?

Quick Explanation on YouTube
MaKey MaKey

Get Inputs

Under official setting, there are 18 input sockets on the MakeyMakey board. They are

  1. 6 keyboard key inputs (W, A, S, D, F, G)
  2. 4 keyboard arrow input in four directions
  3. 1 keyboard Space key
  4. 4 mouse movement input in four directions
  5. 2 mouse Left click input
  6. 1 mouse Right click input

Since the duplicated mouse left click signals, there are totally 17 different input signals you can get from MakeyMakey board.

Alternatively, you can remap the key bindings using the remap tool at this page, so that you can support multiple Makey Makey boards on one PC.