I am Working Protocol

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There has been a program created that you must start and stop when working on the bridge. Otherwise it is very likely that someone else will take over the machine you are working on and accidentally delete all of your changes.

When about to work on the bridge itself you must first go to the Brainbox, and see if anyone else is using the machine(s) you are wanting to.

If you see an image of a ninja on a computer, then you know someone else is working on the bridge in general. If you see... (??) an icon next to the StopS4 button, then you know that station 4 has someone working on it.

How to Use

You must first go to the brainbox and double click the program on the desktop. (What is it called? Where is it located?)

Once it's running, indicate which machine(s) you are working on.

This means that anyone who sees this, will wait until you are done using the machine(s) so you MUST remember once you are done to uncheck the machines, and close the program.

Multiple People

There can still be multiple people working at the same time on different machines.

Just open the program once and indicate which machine(s) you are on. If by time you are done, and are about to close it, you see machines activated that you didn't do, then don't close the program, and only de-activate the machine(s) you were on.

If you came to work after someone else had already opened the "I am Working" program, just add the machine(s) you will be using.

Close the Program

This can be difficult to remember especially if you only had a quick update, but you must close the "I am Working" file on the brainbox. This is the only way we have of knowing that the bridge or isn't occupied. And accidentally leaving it open can cause a lot of frustration and unnecessary delay.

But if you return to the brainbox after your work on the machine(s) is complete, and you see only the machines you had highlighted as being worked on, then it is safe to assume that no one else is working. And you can close the program.