How wireless Oculus work

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Wireless Oculus here does not mean Oculus is truly wireless, which is impossible. Instead, wireless Oculus means player wearing Oculus is not restricted to a certain area near PC. Generally, there are two ways to make Oculus wireless:

  • Use a laptop as Oculus's computational console and put everything in a backpack.
  • Use wireless HDMI transmitter and USB transmitter and put everything in a backpack.

First way is doable but has certain limitations, not practical as a result.

  • To get enough computation power, the laptop needs to be a gaming laptop. Hence overheating and too heavy weight are big issues.
  • Portable power supply is needed anyway. But power of that mostly is not sufficient for a gaming laptop.

Second way, using HDMI and USB transmitter is the way ETC uses. It has certain advantages:

  • Much lighter than a gaming laptop.
  • Power needed is low and can be sustained by most portable power supply.

ETC uses Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Kit and Nyrius Wireless HD as transmitter of USB data and HDMI images.

Unfortunately, because Oculus Rift DK2 do not support wireless HDMI transmitter, only DK1 can be used for wireless setting.