How to Set Up Welcomes or Falling Names

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For as long as there has been a bridge and tours, there have been welcomes and falling names. Welcomes is a brief animation which displays the guest's name(s) and or company. Falling Names is for larger groups of people who ALL have their names displayed in a jumble. These are files that Jen creates per request. Requests most commonly come from: Drew, Don, Shirley, Janice and Mk.

Set Up Overview

Welcomes or Falling Name movies have to be set up either the night before a tour, or just anytime prior to the tour. This used to have to be the day of, but that is no longer the case.

This page will take you through getting the movies files onto the bridge, to getting them working and visible on the bridge. Usually Jen will already have the movies synced to the bridge, but just in case, we start from the beginning.

Check the Sync Folders

Once a movie has been made, those file(s) need to be copied into the Bridge sync folders.

\\randon1\etc\projects\internal\spacebridge\bridge-sync$\Bridge2\Viewport3\Media \\randon1\etc\projects\internal\spacebridge\bridge-sync$\Bridge5\Viewport3\Media

Check the above folders to make sure that the relevant tour material is present. If it is not, check \\etc-studio\files\Bridge\TV_Content\1-screen\Final_Renders\welcomes to see if your file(s) are there. If the files you are looking for aren't there, then contact Jen, or someone else who can create the files.

Syncing the Bridge

When files have been transferred to that aforementioned location, you must now sync the bridge machines 2 and 5.

You may have to sync the machines several times in order for the sync to have successfully taken place.

In order to sync, you should stop all of the content that is running, it just speeds up the process, rather than letting all of the content continue to run, while trying to add new. Go to the Brainbox, and hit the button that reads, StopS#. Go back to the machine you wish to sync, you may still see a window called "remove windows" still open. Wait until all windows and programs are closed. Syncing is done by clicking on the Sync Bridge shortcut located on the Desktop of all of the machines.

A box will pop up that states sync will start in 10 seconds. That window will close, and a CMD window will open. It is comparing the sync space with it's local machine and grabbing any new files it finds. Once it's done, the CMD window will close, and a small prompt window will tell you it finished. This box closes on it's own after a little time. So you may not see it.

Find your Synced Files

Navigate to the synced location on the local machine. This is really just to make sure that it synced and that you have the name of the movie correctly spelled, unless you sat and watched the sync and saw the movie file copy over.

C\Bridge\Viewport3\Media (??)

File Name

Movie files are now using this naming convention: ""

welcome is there to easily keep the welcomes separate from the other space movies, since they all live in the same folder now.

GuestNames changes based on who the guest is. This to to help, in case a welcome can ever be re-used, because we do often have repeat guests.

Month01 refers to the month and date that the guest is to arrive. So that even if someone doesn't know who is coming in, anyone can see that something is happening on that date.

Bridge2 will either be seen as Bridge2 or Bridge5. This indicates which machine it is to go on. Though both files are identical.

Go To the Brainbox

At this point all of the changes you need to make are to a file on the brainbox.

1. Either open the file "" in Pipe or check to see if it's already opened. If it's not open, there is an icon on the desktop, and just double click it. There are more things to be done and changed in general in the Playlist, be sure to check out its page.

2. Scroll down almost half way, until you see the greyed out "##WELCOME MOVIES ====>"

3. Look for:


If this this set to false, then set it to true. This determines whether or not to play the welcomes.

4. Now look for #dict of welcome movies to play -...

WELCOMES = [{"movie" : "welcome_GuestName_March1_#.avi", "delay" : 0, "loop" : 0, "layer" : "FG"}]

You only need to change the purple text that reads "welcome_GuestName..."

Change it to the name of the movie you have, except for the Bridge2 or Bridge5 part. That Bridge# is covered with the _# at the end.

So for example if the movie name is welcome_EA_July8_Bridge2.avi then you would change the text to read welcome_EA_July8_#.avi

The pound sign stays as a pound sign.

5. If there are multiple welcomes, then copy and paste this line for however many welcomes there are to be displayed. And make sure to change the content. (?? what all else is needed for multiple?)

6. Save.

But we're not done yet.

On the Brainbox, you need to look for the little grey window called "TV Controller." It has buttons that say "OpenBD" "CloseBD" etc.

You need to click on Close VP. This closes the Viewports on all of the Stations. But since the stations are automated, they will see that Viewport is closed and re-open it. Once you see the machines start reading that it's open, click on the "Restart" Button on the Brainbox.

This should then have the welcome running on both Stations 2 and 5.