How to Set Up Welcomes of Falling Names

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Set Up Overview

Welcomes or Falling Name movies have to be set up in the morning, or sometime prior to a tour running. This is not an automated feature, someone has to physically set this up the day of a tour.

Check the Sync Folders

Once a movie has been made, those file(s) need to be copied into the Bridge sync folders.

\\randon\etc\projects\internal\spacebridge\bridge-sync$\Bridge2\WelcomeMedia \\randon\etc\projects\internal\spacebridge\bridge-sync$\Bridge5\WelcomeMedia

Check the above folders to make sure that the relevant tour material is present. If it is not, check \\etc-studio\files\Bridge\TV_Content\1-screen\Final_Renders\welcomes to see if your file(s) are there. If the files you are looking for aren't there, then contact Jen, or someone else who can create the files.

Syncing the Bridge

When files have been transferred to that aforementioned location, you must now sync the bridge machines 2 and 5.

You may have to sync the machines several times in order for the sync to have successfully taken place.

Syncing is done by clicking on the Sync Bridge shortcut located on the Desktop of all of the machines.

Find your Synced Files

Navigate to the synced location on the local machine.


Open with VLC

I've tried using Windows Media Player previously on the bridge, but it chugs, and shutters the movie. VLC seems to be the best at maintaining movie quality for a long span of time.

Right click on the movie file(s) and Open With VLC Player.

Pause the Movie Playback.

Click on the loop button.

If you have multiple files to play, to go View in VLC and click on Playlist, drag all of your files into the playlist.

While VLC is still paused minimize the playlist, and the WelcomeMedia folder, so that they are no longer visible on the lower screen.

Once all files needing to be played are in the playlist, and are set to loop, double click the movie area to maximize the screen display. Then press Play.

Check Throughout the Day

You will need to check on this periodically throughout the day to make sure that the files haven't frozen. On the occasion VLC will freeze when it gets to the end of a movie, and will hold the last frame of the movie. The only way to remedy this is to close VLC and start the process all over again.