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Horizon-Run is a platform developed by previous ETC project team. Horizon-Run utilizes the WIFI-signals and mobile devices (currently for Android devices only) to do indoor mapping of spaces.

What is Horizon-Run?

Project Horizon->Run
Horizon->Run: 30 secs promo (youTube)
Cat vs Dog demo (youTube)

Environment Settings

  1. Follow the Android Project Setup instructions to set up the building environment in Unity
  2. Import the Android-Unity plagin Unity package. In your Unity project, go to Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package and choose HorizonRunAndroidUnityPlugin.unitypackage from the wrapper file below.
  3. Set window environment variable as follow. Reboot is recommended to make sure the environment is registered.
    1. ANDROID_HOME: A path of folder android SDK folder is installed. (Path ends with \android-sdk)
    2. UNITY_HOME: A path of folder Unity is installed. (Path ends with \Unity)

Use of HorizonRunAndroidUnityPlugin

Follow the HorizonRunSample.cs to learn how to use this plugin. Here are quick summaries of some important functions:

  • initialize()
Initialize the plugin to get the API works.
  • setIndoorMappingAPIOn() / setIndoorMappingAPIOff()
Turn the indoor mapping API Call on/off. You need to turn the API Call on to check which room are you in now by sending a request to database. Also, you may want to turn the API Call off to save network flows.
  • getNearRooms()
Return 3 nearest rooms (in ArrayList) of user's current location.

Install Your Build

  • Customize the Name of your App
By default, your App would be named as Horizon-Run. You can customize it by going to <Your Unity Project>\Assets\Plugins\Android. Open AndroidManifest.xml and change the value of android:label in <application> and <activity> tags.
  • Build and Install your App
Follow the Build and Install Your Android App instructions.

Integration Package

Horizon-Run Android-Unity wrapper