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This ETC wiki is a by-product of ETC students working on independent study projects with HTML5 and/or WebGL (Web Graphics Library). You are welcome to add to it; over time, it will hopefully gain the structure and utility that the Unity3D Section has, with examples, resource links, etc. In fact, in Summer 2013 a different sort of ETC project was working with HTML5: for a video web portal, not involving gaming but definitely involving responsive design and the use of the video tag. As a result of that work, the front page for this wiki has relaxed to allow consideration for HTML5 as both a gaming platform but also as a web information delivery platform.

Regarding the "5" in "HTML5", over time it may get de-emphasized because of actions taken by the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C): it really is just the latest "html" markup. The first line in the latest "HTML5" pages does not state HTML5, just <!DOCTYPE html>. For historic reasons, "HTML5" is still peppered throughout this wiki, including its name!

To see the "game" emphasis, look to HTML5 and Gaming

HTML5 contains a video tag. The video tag offers the promise of video for everyone across browsers and platforms, but because of video codec licensing issues and the legacy of older deployed browsers not supporting the video tag, it's not that easy. If you're interested in "HTML5" web deployment of multimedia sites incorporating video, see the HTML5 Video Tag page.

Why bother with HTML5? Darryl Taft in his eWeek 2013 article conjectures that two huge use cases are replacing older technology (e.g., Flash), and producing responsive Web design where sites behave well across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. See HTML5 for Responsive Web Design for more on this direction.

Additional links for learning HTML5 are at HTML5 Learning Resources