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  • Manage Friends
  • Manage Achievements
  • Manage Activities


Friends are people with whom the guests connects. These social component is leveraged by existing social networks. By leveraging existing social connections, the Academy doesn't need to maintain the social graph. It also leaves security in hands of more expert parties, where security methods have been implemented correctly.

See Facebook Connect


Guests can review their achievements online. They can review their currently earned achievements, view locked achievements and compare their achievements with friends. As in the friends component, existing social networks are leveraged.


Activities are content that guests can interact with. This content is available for everyone.

The user can use his VC (if the content supports it) in the content. In the same way achievements will be awarded for the engagement online.

For example, he can use his VC in online games, where the VC acts as the in-game avatar.

Recommended Content

The recommended content depends on the achievement list. When the guest visits the Academy and engages the exhibits, his engagement is tracked (i.e.: when the uses his VC or when he gets Achievements for further interactions. This data can be analyzed to determine which content will he get online.

Example: Guest visits the Academy and get a total of 10 achievements during his visit. When he logs in at home, the system will determine that 5 of those achievements occurred in the Altered State exhibit. In this case his recommended content (games, news, activities) relates to climate change.