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Game Screen Flow (Current)

Title Screen


Facebook Connect:

Asks user to connect to Facebook to get data FaceBook Connect.png

Info Screen:

Asks player if they want to post on Facebook. Informs the player about the new content in the game. Start playing post.png]

World Map Screen:

Displays playable levels to user. User can select a level to proceed. World map.png]

Recon Screen:

Displays information about current level and player selections for upcoming battle. Recon Screen.png]

Consumable Selection Screen:

Player can choose to equip his ammo carts with consumables from DA:L. Bomb Selection.png]

Hero Selection Screen:

Player can choose which DA:L friends he wants to bring in battle. Hero Selection.png]

Battle Screen:

The main game.


End Game Screen:

The player is given the option to post on Facebook about his triumph. FaceBook Post.png]