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If you are students from ETC. You should have digital tutors account set up.
Here's the link of that video tutorial by digital tutors. Make sure you understand that and do it successfully in Maya first, then you are ready to test your model at the mocap stage.
Maya to motionbuilder integration -- Characterization tool (Chapter 4.)

A few points to remind you:

  • For best practice, when you create a new character set, make sure to name it other than character1, it's going to help you at motionBuilder.
  • Once you are done with the characterization tool. Make sure to lock it.
  • Always double check if names or bone assignments are at the right side.
  • Export to FBX, as this will be only way to import your model to motionBuilder. (If you don't have FBX in files of type's drop down menu, you need to first exit this window and go to Window --> Setting/Preferences --> Plug-in Manager and find fbxmaya.mll, then check both load and auto load. After that you should have FBX as an files of type option.)