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Why need to connect with Facebook

The goal of our project is to develop a game which connects with EA2D Facebook game Dragon Age Legends (DAL). In order to do this, our program need to go through Facebook to get users' data, including inventory, friend list, hero data, etc.

Ideally, player could play this game independently, while they can play this game much easier and have more fun if they also play DAL. However, because of time limitation, the program currently only support player who play DAL.

How we interact with Facebook/DAL

In this game, there are two modules need to interact with Facebook/DAL.

game data requirement

When player start this game, the webpage will automatically connect with Facebook. First, the game need to be authenticated that this is a legal Facebook application with its app ID. Then the player need to login Facebook with his/her account, so we can connect with DAL server and require basic game data and player hero character data.

inventory manipulation

During battle, when player use a bomb in game, the game with send a message to DAL server, ask to remove one consumable from server database. If player want to buy items from game store or resupply from castle inventory, the game will also tell server to deduct crowns and possibly add items to inventory. In the end of battle, if player get bonus, the game will also ask server to add this item.