Experiences from the use of a Robotic Avatar

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Experiences from the Use of a Robotic Avatar
Roussou et Al.

  • Focus; Tourbot project, aims at the development of interactive tour-guide robots able to provide access to exhibits over the internet (tele-presence).
  • Paper focuses on problem statement; there is no description of the solution.
  • A lot of questions unresolved.
    • How to adapt technology to fit the longer term operational needs of the museum.
    • How to achieve the maximum level of compatibility and adaptability of a robotic technology in different museums and spaces.
    • How to adapt administrative and operational methods to encourage technological adoption
    • How to evaluate the system in terms of impact.
    • How to evaluate the content and educational value for the visitors presented by the robot.
    • There is not even a mention of the avatar psychology or effects on the visitor