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While there are 5 kiosks installed at the Academy, we planned on having 25 kiosks for the final rollout of this system. The greater number of kiosks would enhance the game experience and draw more users to engaging in the activity.

Card Readers

One of the main components of the original design was to have magnetic swipe cards that each guest would receive. However, due to the late release of the iPad, we were unable to get card readers in time for opening. Mophie (www.mophie.com) and Square (squareup.com) are the main iPad card reader companies that we were considering.


Log-in System

There needs to be a “Terms and Conditions” legal document drafted for users to agree to before entering the website. Also, COPPA compliance (www.coppa.org/comply.htm) is another factor that we did not address in the creation of our site. For children under 13, parental consent is required before getting personal information from the children. Lastly, although the current system uses a username log-in system, it would be better to use an e-mail based log-in system to ensure the unique identification of each user.

Physical Space

Currently the social abilities and interactions on the myExplorer site are limited. We would like the website to be expanded to allow each user to personalize a physical space for his/her avatar. (see Figure X). Users would be able to personalize an Academy space and further collect items to enhance their work area.

Additional Interaction

We would also have liked to have additional games to play on the myExplorer website as well as a forum or message board for people to post and compete in their designs. We want to make the link to the museum experience more tangible and include an area in “Profile” where users can view an interactive map of the kiosks, the points they received at each of them, and the answers to the ones that they previously visited. We also would like to add more occupations to the avatars beyond the initial 4, including jobs such as