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Example of exhibitions and interactions.

By Exhibit:


  • Docent Station: confirm show time for guests.
  • Door to venue: confirm seat availability. Number of actual seats taken.


  • Entrance: confirm start of Rainforest Journey. Track how many go in.
  • Elevator (inside the rainforest): confirm end of Rainforest journey. Track how many go out.

Rainforest Flooded Basin:

  • Anaconda arm squeeze: interact with exhibit and personalize result.
  • Electric eel shock: personalize experience by registering the power level of the charge.

Africa Hall:

  • Touch screens stations: enable content of the stations, personalize content.
  • Penguin stage: static achievement that can be related to something that happened during the show or interaction with the penguins.


  • Water Planet: Dive stations, it can enable interaction or relate content to said interaction.
  • Philippine Coral Reef: Use with touch screen to enable content, or to engage further with the exhibit.
  • Color Cluster: engage in the exhibit with an activity or content personalized according to the VC.
  • Staff picks: engage in the content with the exhibit personalizing the experience with a challenge or a question about the content, for example number of species.


  • Games: VC can serve as personalized tutorial for the games and provide feedback.

Hearst Forum:

  • Confirm show time. Docent Scans ticket. It can also confirm seat availability.


  • Enables the use of the system for first time guests. For frequent guests it registers that they are visiting.


  • Tracks store usage/visit. It can also serve to give an in store perk.

Naturalist Center:

  • Research center, library: guest can interact with specific content the academy has prepared in the center.

Young Explorers Section:

  • VC can be as a guide to the interactions in that section.
  • VC can unlock specific content according to what the guests do in that section.