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Electronic GuideBook Forum
January 13-14, 2005
San Francisco, CA

  • Focus: Faithfull synthesis of the discussions that took place at the Electronic GuideBook Forum held at the Exploratorium, San Francisco, January 13-14 2005. It features talks, Demonstrations, and discussions.
  • Relevant Discussions/Talks/Demonstrations
    • Wireless Techs at the Exploratorium
      • eXpot and Iguide. Iguide is a Flash-based application for museums docents. Information is organized into three types of exhibit-based information: learn, try, and reflect. The user can search for information by phenomena, exhibit name, and if we had positioning system in place, by floor location too. (http://www.exploratorium.edu/guidebook)
    • eXspot
      • This uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and wireless readers to extend a visitor’s museum experience to home.
      • It bookmarks a visitor experience and, in some cases, triggers a camera to capture a photo for later viewing.
  • 70 pages worth of products and Q&A. Seems more like a shopping guide for handheld at museums